M-G Consulting is a consortium of public sector professionals and other career professionals. Our aim is to
provide qualitative, hands-on services in the following areas:
  • Preparatory Tutoring for Police Promotional Processes
  • Management & Operational Assessment of Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Youth Development
  • Academic Thesis & Dissertation Review
  • Leadership Training & Development

Our Philosophy
We are proud to provide quality, professional consulting and technical services at a competitive fee. We
pride ourselves on understanding the problems and providing solutions in both the law enforcement and
academia arena. We are also committed to providing strong personal growth programs for youth, designed
to help them achieve a positive sense of self, sense of community, and stronger success skills.

Our commitment is par excellent in all of our services. Our client is first and foremost and with our
personal touch, we guarantee client satisfaction.

Our Services
M-G Consulting specializes in a wide variety of services:  
  • Law Enforcement  Management and Operations Assessment
  • Law Enforcement Promotional Examination Preparation (Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain
  • Editing/Proofreading Services
  • Youth Development, specializing in at-risk Youth
  • Leadership Training and Development using the most current tenets, specializing in Transactional &
    Transformational Leadership
  • Personal Document Development

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Florida 34953-5517

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